About Me

I'm Gabby and I've been cosplaying for about four years. I make some of my cosplays and some I buy.

Cosplays I've Made:

Touko Fukawa
  - Danganronpa 1
  - Ultra Despair Girls

Juvia Lockser

Cosplays I Bought:

Nozomi Tojo
  - Cyber
  - Uniform
  - Cheerleader
  - Idol Costume
  - China Dress
  - Dancer
  - Little Devil

Mari Ohara
  - Mijuku Dreamer

Shinoa Hiragi

Sailor Neptune
I mainly attend conventions in New England, but I am hoping to broaden that soon.

Conventions I Attend:

Anime Boston
Another Anime Convention (AAC)

Conventions I'm Hoping to Attend:

Anime Expo

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